Left work early to pick the caddy up fr the body shop. I was do excited to see my baby looking soo good!!

God isn’t she beautiful!

Ah but a happy reunion this was not to be. She looked good and drove home beautifully. Right till I pulled on to my street. That’s when I smelled it. The unmistakable scent of coolant. Which to any north star owner is enough to give you a heart attack, pre-02 or not!


Pull in the driveway to plumbs of smoke pouring out of my hood. Fearing the worst I shut her off and pop the hood.


Spotted it right away. Phew, just a popped upper radiator hose! One of 4 things I can fix with confidence on a car. Well forty minuets and $37 later

Now to shower and enjoy the rest of my night and dream of driving my newly sexified baby to work tomorrow!