If anyone remembers, I posted the other day about going to check out/buy a 1988 BMW 535i for my brother tomorrow. Now, I live in the great state of Missouri where all cars that are sold are required to be safety inspected and emissions (if newer than 1996) before they legally can be sold. The BMW, because of it's age, only required a safety inspection.

I texted the owner this afternoon, around 4:10, to see if he had gotten the car safety inspected yet. Our conversation is as follows -

Me: Hey [NAME REDACTED] have you gotten the car safety inspected yet?

Him: I'll do it first thing in the morning

Me: I need you to do it today. I literally cannot leave my house without the safety inspection being done and passed. I'm coming all the way from St. Louis and if the car doesn't pass for any reason, I've wasted 6 hours round trip driving. If you're getting it done in the morning, I need an answer by 9 a.m. at the latest so I can make it to Springfield by 12 as originally planned.

Him: Sure...I'll go there shortly...

At 4:39 p.m., he claims that he is getting the inspection. Awesome, right? Wrong. I ask him to send me a picture of the inspection report so that I can verify that it indeed passed. The inspection report was hand written and looked as though it was done by a child. Needless to say, I was highly suspicious so I started doing some digging. How in god's name could he have gotten an inspection at 4:40 on a Friday?? I ask him to text me pictures of every page from the report so I could check them out.


The inspection report states that it was done at a trucking center, whose name I will not include, in Springfield. Yes. A trucking center. Like, for semis. I Googled the name of the trucking center, found the phone number, and called them immediately.

The conversation is as follows-

Me: Hi, I was wondering if you guys do state safety inspections for cars?

Trucking Center (TC): Ummmm, we don't normally do inspections for cars, but I guess we could? Why?

Me: I'm thinking of buying a car. The owner supposedly had his car inspected at your place earlier and I'd like to verify that it was actually there and that it passed.

TC: Do you know the owner's name? Or the car that was inspected?

Me: Yes, his name is [REDACTED] and the car is a 1988 535i.

TC: Oh yeah! That's [NAME REDACTED] he works here! He was filling out a safety inspection report for his car earlier so it's good to go!

Me: Ok, thanks! *click*

Ya. I told the guy last Sunday (May 5th) that I'd be coming down tomorrow (Saturday) to check out the car and to have the safety inspection done by then. He didn't have it done so he had it "inspected" where he works. The guy was obviously far too shady so I decided to back out. No way I'm buying a car from somebody that lazy and dishonest.


Now I'm in a bad mood because I was so close to getting a car for my brother and I'm back to square one. Well at least I can get drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow instead of driving all day.