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Spent most of the day yesterday getting the exhaust manifolds out on GX470. Most gave fight but lost (so far doing the driver’s side). One stud was so easily visible and easily accessible, I thought I’d save me some time and put an impact gun on it and get it out in a hurry. I thought wrong. Stripped the living lights off that nut. I then went and bought a slew... and I mean slew!!! of bolt and stud extractors. Every each one of them failed me. Can’t get it out. I have a very good neighbor who wrenches for a living. He looked at it and gave me few more extractors to try. Failed again.


I now have one last trick up my greasy sleeve. Weld a nut onto the stud and try backing it out that way.

Problem of course is that I have not welded a damn thing in my entire life. I unboxed a mig welder and was ready to do it yesterday but heard thunder and said I don’t want to be on the news as the guy who tried welding in the rain.


I have few bolts and nuts on a piece of metal angle. I will try welding those first for practice before going to the car.

I am thinking of holding the nut with a magnet while I am tacking it on. I am also thinking disconnecting the battery so I don’t fry anything.


I have a auto shielding welding helmet, but I can’t remember if I yanked the battery out of it or not. I am going to get a plain helmet and use that so I don’t fry my eyes. I have welding gloves and i’ll put on a hoodie and pants for this party.

Am I missing anything? This is quite the first welding experience I am going to get myself.

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