This weekend I had the opportunity to run my FR-S at Oregon Raceway Park, a gnarly 16 turn track east of Portland with over 400ft of elevation change per lap. Seriously, there is not a flat section on the whole 2.3 mile road course. We were running it in a CCW direction so many of corners directly followed longish downhill sections (FUN!).

Just watch a lap of the track (not me)

Obviously my favorite part of the track was the half pipe (0:57 - 1:07 in the video), just imagine taking this at speed

And my least favorite part of the track was turn 14, a downhill off-camber turn which spit me right off the track at the at the corner exit (its the turn at 0:25-0:33 in the video).


The whole track is like a roller-coaster with a steering wheel and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the pacific Northwest who likes to give their cars a good thrashing from time to time.

Another takeaway from this weekend, my exhaust is still very loud, and kind of sounds like a spec Miata and Honda Civic had a bastard child...