So, there have been some interesting developments here at the shop. You may have seen the HOLYSHITORANGE Charger we did yesterday. It got straight black leather. You'd think that the person who bought that car would at least get some orange top stitch or two-tone inserts or something...

Anyway, last week was interesting. I misjudged the size of our garage door in relation to a customer's Toyota Tundra and did $1600 in damage to the bed of that truck. I was worried about the state of my jerb because I don't hit 90 days until the middle of next month but the GM and Ops manager said everything was OK.

Monday, UPS was missing three leather kits and we had to rearrange our schedule.

Yesterday, one of our drivers took the morning shit-talking too seriously and sucker-punched our lead sunroof technician. He has a fractured jaw and our schedule is fucked up again.

Today, the packages that were promised Monday were tracked to Greensboro. They were supposed to be in Charlotte, Monday Morning. I've been cussed out by two dealership guys today. But, as of right now, the week is officially half-over.


Thanks for reading my bitching. Have a good week.