Last night I dreamt I was back in high school... which was 8+ years ago. I was playing soccer with some of my classmates. There were a few that would tell me terrible things back then, but one who would tell me things like “durka durka Jihad” (reference to the Osama Bin Laden South Park episode) and ask stuff like “How much sand do you have down there?” “What’s it like being a sandnigger?” Yeah, I had to deal with this shit on a daily basis back then (I eventually did something about it and it stopped but that’s a long story). Anyways, so I did not like this guy. He was in my dream and was my teammate... and refused to pass to me... but he’d still call me names and belittle me. Someone had kicked the ball out of play and I went to go retrieve it... it had fallen onto a pond next to the field.

This is where it gets weird. A girl was standing in the pond, holding a frog. She tells me “Look at this little froggy I caught!” Then she put it in a jewelry box, locked it, and dumped it in the water. “Froggy go bye BYE!” I just asked for the ball and that was the dream.