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What about living out of a (prospective) turbo brick? (What!?)

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Hey Oppo,

Call me crazy, but I've gotten to thinking: if I like wagons so much, and I like being in cars so much, why not buy a 740 wagon, take out the rear seats, and fit in storage compartments and a small mattress? I can shower, do laundry, and deal with other logistical issues elsewhere; even so, my caring about people’s perceptions about me is essentially nonexistent. It could still be a fun car with a turbo and a decent suspension setup I could build with funds for shelter expenses left unused, and I could pick up and go anywhere—I would be unbound by any ties to a particular place for the most part. Anyways, I have chosen the 740 due to the fact that a Porsche (356, 912, and early 911) mechanic I know quite well has one (non-turbo and I think he is about ready to part with it (although his offers to trade for my dad’s awful Sebring may have been completely, and not just partially, unserious). I would assume he would not give me a lemon, as he is a very generous person, so that takes many concerns out of the equation that you may have when dealing with conniving strangers over Craigslist. Anyways, tell me what you guys think; would you live such a life? Have you even, whether it be actually by your own will or by being forced to resort to such means (and if so, what are your feeling on the issue), had such experience? I’d be glad to hear your guys’ thoughts. While we’re on the topic, here’s a video that could make anyone lust after a 700-series Volvo.

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