According to the inquiry on the Jeremy Clarkson incident..

Here are some of the other facts established by the inquiry:

The physical attack lasted around 30 seconds and was halted by a witness

Oisin Tymon offered no retaliation;

the verbal abuse was directed at Oisin Tymon on more than one occasion โ€“ both during the attack and subsequently inside the hotel โ€“ and contained the strongest expletives and threats to sack him. The abuse was at such volume as to be heard in the dining room, and the shouting was audible in a hotel bedroom;

derogatory and abusive language, relating to Tymon and other members of the Top Gear team, continued to be used Jeremy Clarkson by inside the hotel, in the presence of others, for a sustained period of time;

Tymon was shocked and distressed by the incident, and believed that he had lost his job;

following the attack, Oisin Tymon drove to a nearby A&E department for examination;

over subsequent days, Jeremy Clarkson made a number of attempts to apologise to Oisin Tymon by way of text, email and in person; and

Jeremy Clarkson reported the incident to BBC management.

Clarkson did not dispute that Tymon was the victim of an unprovoked physical and verbal attack, nor did any witness, said Ken MacQuarrie, who carried out the inquiry.

Well he admitted it, try to handled it, but I guess an assault is still an assault. Not surprised by the outcome at all.