So in my quest to find the perfect car (I'm convinced it's out there), I've compiled a spreadsheet of different cars that I'd like to have next. Then found all the specs of all of the cars, then put an importance factor next to all of the specs (ranked as a percentage of the range), multiplied them together, then took the sum of the multiplications, and arrived at a "winner".

Except the wrong car won.

The cars:



-WRX hatchbcak

-new WRX

-Outback XT

-Legacy GT wagon




-S60 R-Design

-Golf R


I compared: (ranking)

-Monthly cost (loan, insurance, gas to travel 1500 miles) (8)

-HP (5)

-Torque (4)

-Premium gas needed? (2)

-Average miles per tank (2)

-Drivetrain (3) (x1 for AWD, x0.5 for FWD/RWD)

-Price of Michelin PSS (autox tire) (5)

-Price of Michelin PS A/S 3 (DD tire) (5)

-Cargo space (seats up) (8)

-Cargo space (seats down) (5)

-Curb weight (5)

-Turning Radius (1)

-Stock HIDs (0.5)

-Heated seats (2)

-Stock Nav (4)

-Sunroof (5)

-Front passenger room (head, shoulder, hip, leg) (8)

-Rear passenger room(head, shoulder, hip) (4)

-Rear passenger leg room (5)

If you can correctly guess which car won, I will personally mail you a Hotwheels car that I find at Walmart