Got to talking with my friend as I'm on the hunt for a new job. The thought of moving overseas came up and we got to talking about what the most ridiculous American car to bring over would be....

Specifically, we were joking about what would happen if I ended up in japan as my cars tend to be big boats and sedans. One of my friends just finished a business trip over there and even in the less crowded parts of the country, there's not much space for things bigger than a subaru legacy or skyline. Those are "big" cars. Having a minivan is considered decadent so that's where they get the luxury minivan idea from. Well I gave it some thought and decided that if by some miracle I could import some cars from America, I would have to go with a Dodge Ram SRT-10 (short cab with the 6-speed of course).

Why? The ridiculousness of it all. It couldn't be more American if it hit home runs every time you shifted and if you put apple pie in the gas tank. The exhaust is specifically tuned to carve the faces of mount rushmore into nearby mountains....Either that or it'll trigger earthquakes on the eastern seaboard of japan every time I step on it. But most importantly of all is that it can do this

Realistically, I'd probably bring over a grand national instead as it's older so I might be able to squeak it in on some technicalities (or at least donate it to a museum under a banner reading 'This old buick kicked the crap out of anything from this country at the time') while I'm 95% sure there'd be a gunship waiting for me when the ram came off the boat to make sure it either went back to America or was shot on sight. But hey, I can dream. Bonus of the ram - I could probably fit a kei car in the trunk (with the tailgate down) so if I had a ramp system, I could drive my truck until the roads got too narrow, then hop in my cappucino or honda beat and go off in my economical sports car.