This afternoon I took a quick cruise down a road off of the PCH that I have seen often but never bothered to check out. Looking at a map it doesnt really seem like a real road nor does it really go anywhere.


It was not exactly a canyon run as you can see in the lead photo, it was mostly a super narrow road (two way traffic allowed!) and I had no real idea where I was going so I took it easy. There were multiple construction areas with construction vehicles often blocking most of the road and the pavement itself was only one step above not-pavement anyways. Deer Creek road started out as a normal two lane canyon road that could have been driven spiritedly but by the time I got that idea in my head, it devolved into the steep, narrow twisty one lane thing above.

Overall, it was a fun little drive to get out and do some exploring. The views were a bit clouded from a marine layer but it was still breathtaking in some spots along the road. There were many fire damaged spots from last year’s Woolsey Fire as well as obvious mudslide damage from the following heavy rains.


While the technical curves and elevation changes could have been fun had it been a closed course, it was slow going and kind of just mild adventuring instead. The pavement is also heavily affected by seismic activity in the area and not a whole lot of people live out there so the pavement isnt tended to like more well traveled roads. It’s interesting some of the houses out there if you wander around street view. Although unfortunately I believe many of them have burned down since the street view survey in 2012...

Not a road I’d probably go back to but always cool to explore places like that without really following a plan or looking at the map ahead of time.