What are options YOU MUST have on a car?

I’m not to picky with this new fangled mess though I must admit back up cameras are quite nice to have at times. Especially when you had 20% tint all the way around the car except the front windshield that was 50%, and you’re backing up in the farm area of NC with only rancher homes and those ditches right in front of them. Maaaaan it saved my bacon that day.

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But honestly I realized I really don’t need much to make me happy. In my younger days I didn’t even need these but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to cherish them. And that’s A/C and Cruise Control. Try driving from DC to NC and then NC to upstate NJ without it. A terrible time that was. Also with the way these past few summers have been you’d be crazy to ditch A/C for weight savings unless you DD a racecar.

So what are your must have options?

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