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What are our go-to Automotive re-watch videos Oppo?

I think we all every so often get in a mood where we don’t feel like doing anything and we’re all caught up on the Youtube Channels / car shows we like to watch... Oppo, my question to you is, what are the episodes you always like to re-watch to cheer yourself up or give you something to do?

For me? A few come to mind off the top of my head...

1. Mighty Car Mods’ ‘Kei To The City’:

One of my favorite episodes as I love the chemistry and honesty with Moog and Marty, and I love quirky small, cheap, odd cars such as the kei Daihatsu Mira they pick up in this film! :)


2. Miller Corner’s Road Trip to Poland:

Again, I love small, quirky, basic and odd cars like Joe’s Seicento. For such a young guy, he’s a pretty commendable host as well and his is one of my current favorite channels.


3. Reidus and Cletus’ Datsun Revival episode or Cross-Canada with MCM, Reid and Clayton have a fun and honest chemistry and I always enjoy how determined and how much care and effort Reid put into saving that roadster of his...the Cross-Canada episode is fun for the hijinks as well, plus, Canyonero! :P

What’s on your list Oppo...? Share and maybe we can find new content to watch, or just get reminded of old favorites to enjoy over again! :)

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