There have been discussions at times on Oppo regarding the law of diminishing returns, and if there is really a point in ever buying a car that is over $75K, $100K, $200K, people who couldn’t care less about supercars in magazines, etc…

What are some comparisons you can think of where the price premium is strongly justified over another car (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a competitor)

For instance, I randomly noticed that in the UK, a Subaru BRZ is more or less twice the price of a Vauxhall Adam, but the 0-60 is twice as fast. RWD vs FWD too, so in that case you could argue it’s totally worth paying 2x the price because you’re getting 2x more (well, at least in that one metric of 0-60)

Maybe another interesting one would be Nissan GTR vs Porsche 911 Turbo S…I think that’s like 0.5x the price for 0.9x the performance or something like that? (Don’t know which one is faster to 0-60, but I saw something on here that showed the 911 Turbo S is a few seconds faster around a track.)

What else out there is an interesting pair? Perhaps something involving the Z06? Maybe some supercar comparisons?