Good evening oppo I was just browsing through oppo when I saw a post about describing a car you would own.

And it got me thinking... what concept/prototype cars you find interesting? A concept car that I like is the Pontiac Banshee IV(4).


I love this concept because it looks so exotic with it’s low slung and bold design. Also look at that windshield! It goes so far back! Not to mention it was the car that the 4th generation Firebirds were based off of. The concept was introduced in 1988 but the 4th generation of Birds didn’t come out until 1993. How ever the interior in this concept is rather... interesting for the lack of a better term.

Also no the shifter doesn’t look like that I don’t know why in this picture it does. And that is a lot of buttons. Imagine if those buttons got worn out. You would have a tough time figuring that out without an owner’s manual it’s like classic Alfa Romeos but weirder.

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