I remember one we did in middle school football was; we’d only have 10 people go onto the field and all the receivers on the opposite side from us. Then on the next to last hike a receiver would step off the sideline onto the field and run a fly route down the sideline.

We only ran it in a game once and the guy caught it out of bounds. I remember the ref went over to our coach after that and said.

“If y’all do that again I’m gonna call it back.”

Of course we also practiced the swing in gate, but we only ran that once too and the other team new what to do so it didn’t work well.

I didn’t play basketball, but I remember our team had a play called “The barking dog” were during a throw in, they’d sub in a backup who didn’t play much. Then he’d get on all fours and start barking like a dog and they’d throw the ball in while the other team was confused.