For the past week, I've been looking for good driving shoes, and it seems like the Adidas adiracer "Goodyear" shoes are not being made anymore.

I don't really care for the Porsche Design shoes on the Adidas website which are considered "motorsports" shoes, and they are priced through the roof. They also don't look like shoes to be worn casually as well.


So far, the shoes that come closest are the Porsche 917 shoes. I would consider them, but there's something toolish about having "PORSCHE" written on the sole.

Also, I should say that I'm not a big fan of the Puma racing shoes (because I'm an Adidas person) and the normal slip-on driving shoes are also not something I'm a fan of. I need something that would be good for both driving and for casual wear (these would not be worn for anything heavy-duty, like walking around the city or going hiking; I have go-to shoes for those).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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