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What Are the First Five Repairs Everyone Should Know How to Do?

Everyone should know how to take care of their property. That means the correct way to wash their clothes, using the hex key on a jammed garbage disposal, and of course doing simple repairs on their vehicles.

Assuming this person is not an enthusiast, and certainly is not interested in anything mechanical, what are the first five “repairs” that everyone should know how to do?


I’m personally fond of this order:

  1. Replace wiper blades
  2. Replace engine air filter and the cabin air filter
  3. Checking tire tread and pressure (inflating/deflating)
  4. Checking and filling all fluids (not changing fluids however)
  5. Replacing exterior lights

Of course I’m bias as this is where I started. I look back and think this was a progressive strategy since, depending on the vehicle, replacing bulbs is right when tools become necessary (not to change the bulbs just to get to them). I found it to be a good lead into changing a tire and replacing the engine oil and filter.


What are/were your First Five?

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