What are the odds?

I just opened a snack-sized bag of Skittles and there were zero red skittles in the bag.


2 greens
3 orange
3 purple
7 yellow (getting 7 of one may actually be more rare than getting a zero)


Seriously, what are the odds that one of these 5 colors would be missing from the bag? I would assume the great minds at Mars try very hard to prevent this from happening.

Apparently, not hard enough!


Anyone else have this following problem/affliction? Upon opening a bag like I have, I pretty much have to eat them (one at a time) the 4 yellows first, then one of each of yellow, orange & purple so I’m left with 2 of each, then one of each until I’ve got one of each, and then one at a time with the rarest (green) being left for last.

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