Guess what? She made a new friend!

But first things first; The day began with me having to dig her out from a pile of crap in a barn where she'd been sitting for the past 2-3 months. After getting her out and looking over all the fluids she fired right up after chewing on the starter engine for a little while. After some minor testing to check for leaks and testing of the brakes I drove her into the nearest town 15 miles to give her a fresh tank of v-pwwr and did some cruising.

And what do you know? Seems like I wasn't the only one thought today was a good day to start the "American car season", as there were quite a few old land yachts out, driving around town. And amazingly I just happen to run into the only other 2nd gen Firebird in like the nearest 30 mile radius. We stop to have a chat, do some more driving together and stop to chat again before driving home.


Good times!