What are the rarest cars you've seen?

I’m taking the obscurest of the obscure. The kind where you doubt you’ve actually seen it.

150 years ago in 1993, there were two cars that I saw that I have never seen again. One was this:


Same color, though I’m pretty sure all the brightwork was chrome instead of black. It’s a Mitsubishi Tredia. If you asked, “A what?”, you are correct. I believe they sold five of them in the US. I found it at the little buy-here-pay-here lot where my stepdad bought my Celebrity. It’s still the only one I’ve ever seen in the flesh.

The second was at another tiny lot down the street from the lot that I found the Tredia at. I found a Suzuki SA310.

AKA the Chevy Sprint. Did you know they were sold here? I mean, they sold a LOT of the next generation Suzuki Swift here, but the SA310 was actually sold here for a few minutes. It’s rarer than the Daihatsu Charade.


What have you come across that made you doubt your eyes?

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