You have to pick one car from each friend. I’ll go first (note - pics are off the interwebz, and sadly, not the original pictures of the original cars).

1. Friend # 1, Car #1

1967 Pontiac GTO convertible, blue. 400ci 4bb with 360HP & 438lbs. You have to understand we were 18 in 1986 and my friend had come into some money. This is not a good thing for car-crazy 18 year olds. It’s a miracle we made it 19. Jesus we flogged this car. Much speeding. Many burnouts.


2. Friend #2, Car #2 -

1972 Mustang Mach 1. I don’t think they let cars like this on the road any more. It had no mufflers and sounded like NASCAR every time you started it up (which holds a certain charm for young men). It was rusty everywhere. Various things would work, then stop working, then work again. It set up to drag race before my friend bought it, and it the PO had put in some ridiculous gear set in it, 4:55's or 5:10's, or something else stupid. It was a stupid, stupid, car. I loved it. My friend got many tickets in that crusty beast.

3. Friend #3, Car #3 -

1986 Nissan 300ZX turbo, red. T-tops. The Z was a crazy car. Red exterior, red interior, red, red, red! The gauges were digital, and the whole thing felt like piloting a fighter ship out of a science fiction movie. The girls liked it too! A few tickets were also garnered in this magnificent steed. I think the shifter was red, the carpet, the headliner, everything. Was. Red.