What are the top 10 Porsches that are not 911s

I am certain that I am not the only one here, who is crazy about Porsches. The 911 has been a success story throughout most of its history, capturing our imagination, to the point where most of us think "911" as soon as we hear "Porsche" mentioned in any conversation.

It got me thinking about the best models that Porsche has built, that did not carry the 911 badge.


Here is a list of my top 5, let me know how would you rank them, and what other models would you add.

Porsche 986 Boxster 3.2l Manual

Bang for buck, only a standard 944 can compete with this great & undervalued (atm) car.


Great handling, just enough power for everyday use & easy access to parts and specialists make this a tempting alternative to other roadsters. They are at the bottom of the depreciation curve, with still plenty good ones out there. Don't waste your time on a 2.5 or a 2.7.

3.2 Manual is the only way to go.


Porsche 924 2.5

Probably the cheapest way to own a Porsche, with reliable engines, light body & pop up headlamps, think of it as a MX-5 competitor, with bucketloads of 1970's chic & ridiculously low maintenance costs (a lot of VW parts & a standard 4 cylinder layout)


Porsche 914/6

Would probably be the top of my list few years ago, but with the soaring prices, it is now competing in my head against many other classic sports cars. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful peace of design, just look at it!


Porsche 968 CS

1320 kg, 0-60 in 6.3s, timeless design & an investment that will probably pay you better dividends than your saving account.


Porsche 944 S2

My personal favourite atm. 211 HP, 3l engine and smooth design. It is modern enough to be driven daily, but still unmistakably 80s, the S2 turns heads wherever it goes. It is fast enough for road use & occasional track day use if needed. Highly recommended!


By now, you are probably thinking, what about the Cayman, Boxster Spyder, 928, 356, 912 and many more. Well, that's where you come in, share your suggestions below.

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