I think the number one for Atlanta has to be Boulevard. No, not “Boulevard Street” or anything like that. Not even “The Boulevard.” It’s called Boulevard. But here are some others I’ve come across, both downtown and in the surrounding suburbs:

Parkway Drive

Boring Road/Court/Way

Best Road

Winner’s Circle

Four Wheel Drive

Lee Street Connector (which I only mention because my GPS calls it “Lee Saint Con.”)

The By Way (Residents often file noise complaints due to the collective groans of passing drivers. Probably.)

US Auto Sales Boulevard (this road is literally just ~100' of exit ramp, without a single driveway or address on it, yet it’s shown on the exit sign instead of Hosea Road, which is the one it leads to)

And here’s the best of the best: In Suwanee, GA, there’s an entire subdivision with streets named after cars.


Pierce Arrow Circle

Porsche Court

Bonneville Way

Fleetwood Circle

Deville Circle