Hey, shout out to Oppo looking for fellow smokers! No I don’t mean tobacco or none of those left handed cigarette smokers either. I’m Talking about Meat!

As you may or may not recall I recently bought a smoker and have been having fun learning how to use it. Well after several good runs and a few learning runs I think I got a handle on it. I more or less have fuel consumption, how to adjust for temp, how long and when to add smoke, ect all down.

So this leads me to my question, What are you guys smoking? It’s Thursday which means tomorrow I will prep what ever I am going to smoke on Saturday. This week I am thinking bacon wrapped meat load and macaroni and cheese, yes I’m gonna smoke both of them! this week is about being cheap as next week I’m gonna go all in on a pork butt and see what I am truly capable of! maybe a small bird too. but for this weekend I wanted to be cheap but I’m growing tired of chicken thighs. which by the way are a great way to learn and calibrate your smoker.

For fathers day I did 20 thighs at 180 for an hour running just hickory chucks throwing good smoke. then 225 with light for 2.5 hours. damn near falling off the bone good! I think I wanna add another hour or 45 min to them next time.