I mean, what cars you actually can buy (this excludes most Ferraris, Lambos, Paganis and Mazdas 787Bs) populate your dreams? I can't choose just one, so my list is

1) Volvo 850 SW T5-R

For me, few things are cooler than a Volvo turbo-brick. And the balls Volvo had to put the 850 wagon in the BTCC made me dream of owning one. There are a couple of them in Brazil costing around R$25k

2) Chevrolet Caravan SS

A Chevy Opala wagon, with a 4,100cc inline 6 engine (although I'd swap it for a V8...). Also around R$25k, but the nicer models top R$40k


3) Mazda RX-7

We don't find them in Brazil, but there are some nice specimens on Argentina which very good prices. Do want because Wankel.


4) Subaru Legacy Outback

Subaru's rally history, AWD, dat blue color... For something around R$30k it is very "buyable"