As FP goes down the shitter, I was wondering what sites, besides the great and holy Oppo, Opponauts were reading. Once I get a list of what sites the most of y’all are reading, I’ll post it. Here’re my preferences:

  • Live and Let Diecast!, Oppo’s diecast sister site.
  • The Lamley Group, a diecast site focusing on reviews and news.
  • Bring a Trailer, an auction site which conglomerates interesting listings from CL, ebay, etc.
  • Hemmings, a classic car classified site.
  • Barn Finds, a site similar to BaT which focuses on classic project cars.
  • Hooniverse, a site similar to what FP used to be.
  • Road and Track, home of new car reviews that aren’t full of themselves.

What are your favorites car sites, Oppo?