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What are your favorite motoring shows besides Top Gear?

Now that the shock of Clarkson's bombshell departure have passed and we are all out of tears how about we discuss some other car shows besides Top Gear that are worth watching?

One of my top favorite new shows is Motor Trend's Roadkill. How can you not enjoy watching couple of guys wearing flip flops do an engine swap in a parking lot of a shopping mall and then drive across the country right after it's finished? Roadkill is free to watch on Youtube.


In the second spot is Jay Leno's Garage. Reasons why I like it - Simple. Jay has one of the biggest car collections in the world with some very unique cars in mint condition which you don't get to see up close anywhere else.

In third spot is Top Gear USA. Hate it all you want, I know I did...still do. Never the less it's still a decent show if you just want some entertainment and likely the best remaining Top Gear.


Forth spot goes to Regular Car Reviews. If you don't know why RCR is on this list, go on Youtube and watch the videos.


I am only listing four shows because those are the only car shows that I watch besides the original Top Gear which is now apparently dead. What are some of your favorites?

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