So, the back of a modern Alfa Giulietta hatchback covered in tarps driving in Denver, or that Mahindra pickup that just passed you going the other way. (both instances I missed capturing on my phone camera). What is that picture really worth? don't sell yourself short! That may be what devalues the picture to begin with....

Lifted from deep within a year old article on test car photo-spy Brenda Priddy, referenced here.

She still commands anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for a set of pictures, but she only sells about one out of every 10 sets to a shrinking pool of buyers. Five years ago, she had enough work to keep two other photographers on the payroll full time. Now she works alone and wonders if anyone will be able to make a living at this five years from now. Priddy says only two or three other companies in the country specialize in this kind of photography. But a legion of amateur car enthusiasts are out there now who are perfectly willing to trade camera-phone photos for a magazine subscription or less.


So, if you are lucky enough to get that picture, it might be worth something. Here, it's cool to see. If it's something special no one else has seen yet, get a few hundred for it and buy your own magazine subscription, beer, and an intake kit....for your car, (not a beer bong funnel intake kit for you.)