What are your roads like?

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This morning I walked to class today through puddles of slush, over temporary steel plates over ditches, and around growing snow banks. Through all the hazards, I couldn't get past how poorly the NYC DOT and Dept. of Sanitation were doing maintaining the roads during a storm. It also got me wondering how this response compared to that of other cities' DOTs, and by extension, how road conditions I'm experiencing (and not even as a driver!) in New York City compared to those in other places in general. I'm curious as to whether there's a pattern to where roads are good, where they're poorly laid-out, where they're rough and where they're always under construction.


So, what are road conditions like where you live? Is the streetscape well-designed and maintained? Do weather conditions factor in heavily? Are they mitigated by a maintenance authority of some sort? Are conditions consistent or do they vary?

Post pictures if you've got 'em!

Photo credit: New York Daily News

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