I’m trying to decide whether to go to this SPOCOM SF event on Saturday. It looks like the kind of thing that vape bros show up at to prove something.

The banner image for SF is promising...


But the “Gallery” says otherwise. Looks like stancebros and paid models

It might be a nice place to practice some photography though. My Instagram game has been great the last couple of weeks.


Alternatively, I could take apart the Exocet. I need to do:

- Rotors & Pads

- Tie rods

- Shifter rebuild

- Differential bushings

The tie rods could be a small nightmare. I can already foresee them not wanting to come off. I had noticed that the rubber was cracked the last time I had the front wheels off and I have an extra set of tie rods already so no real excuse not to do it when I do the brakes.


The diff bushings are going to be a total PITA.

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