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What automotive cliche jokes should be retired?

Earlier there was some minor drama around a poor judgement joke about women as drivers. I'm not going to link the thread to minimize the spread of drama, but it inspired me.

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We all agree that it's about time to lay the 'women suck at driving' joke to rest. It can be a bit offensive and it's just a dumb, overused joke at this point. What are some other automotive jokes that should be retired?

I say the 'Kia's are crap' jokes need to go the way of the beta max. It's not 2003 anymore. Kia is about to unveil a 315 hp RWD shooting brake concept, but half the comments can't think of anything more creative to say than 'it's a Kia, so it'll be crap'


What other lame automotive jokes do we need to take out back and give the ole yeller treatment?

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