I always love the idea of taking a fun car out in the snow and enjoying it all year round. But it really is a myth to blame the reason people put them away for winter is for the purpose of staying safe and that the car would be no fun in the cold or snow. It seems that the article comes to the conclusion that a Corvette or a 911 is more fun than your typical econobox in the winter. And that it is reasonably safe to do so with modern winter tires. But then it is proposed that people still dont really do it and maybe some day technology will get us there.. The issue is not technology, it is SALT. Road salt ruins everything made out of metal and is generally not very fixable without becoming a “full restoration project”. So anyone in their right mind who spent a fair bit of money on said fun car is going to want it to not rust away so avoiding winter driving is a must.


Sorry if I am salty (no pun intended) but it just seems stupid that often times journalists seem to gloss over the whole salt thing. I for one would rather the roadways be giant ice rinks but then again I now live somewhere that doesnt ever drop below freezing and rarely precipitates, so I guess my problem is solved. I probably would be engine shopping instead of whole miata shopping though if salt were not a thing.

Google image search but approximately what mine look like