I do respect Rosalia for having a Panamera, specially if she’s living fast and has no cure.

But my issue is with the fact that the opening scene to the video is clearly an attempt at a 737 or 727 cockpit but the jet they then show in the exterior and interior shots is clearly supposed to be a 747... A strange one at that, since it has the engine housings from newer 747s but has no wingtips and a very short hump, like a 747-100.

Whoever did this animation got paid way too much.

But then they show the cockpit again, with possibly all the alarms turned on and in one of the frames you can see a registration number:

It appears to be a decommissioned Boeing 727.


The rest of the video actually looks like it was filmed inside a 747... One with some amazingly realistic interiors... from the early Pan-Am jets.


But I suspect that finding a 747 with those panels is impossible or at least too expensive to clean and prep for a video with all the fancy lighting. So they probably turned to Anthony Toth’s recreation of a 747 inside a warehouse in LA.


It seems like they covered the original wallpaper, and also covered the overhead bins with some sort of fabric... but they kept the projector for some reason... they also replaced the seats with what I believe are normal chairs with cardboard cubes attached to them so that it looks like they’re attached to the floor... for safety or something. I can’t blame them, during the song Balvin accurately points out that “at heights winds are strong.” He then requests that the other passengers sit down and tie their seat belts...which are not visible in any scene

Jet that is supposedly flying has giant piece of debris attached to it. I also really, really like Rosalia’s jacket.

Someone paid an astounding amount of attention to the set design, and they tried to bring the idea of the jetset to the 21st century, and also cater to what the musicians wanted. This is something very respectable, they could’ve done something with much less attention to detail and no one would’ve cared.

which is strange given that the video otherwise focuses intensely on wardrobe.

Here’s the video...not that many of you would enjoy it but I guess I need to cite my sources.

Using Pan-Am interiors for a reggeton video supposedly paying respects to Flamenco?


classy as fuck.

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