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What Brand Do You Really Not Care About?

It’s a shame that these 2017 MDX’s are not the wonderful Isuzu Trooper based SLX that cruised mall parking lots throughout the late 1990's. (Photo credit: Acura)

More or less, there are about fifty manufacturers currently selling cars in the United States, most of which produce at least one model that could be perceived as interesting or special. Nonetheless, some marques sell only drab, boring, unimaginative cars that don’t spark any sort of lust out of a potential buyer or enthusiast. I would describe this affair as, “bad,” and, “not good,” as I try to pay attention to All Cars, but some just seem to slip by without me noticing.

In particular, I personally couldn’t care less about Acura’s current offerings. That’s a shame because I love most of their former models, such as the quirky, five-cylinder Vigor, the legendary Integra Type-R, and the surprisingly pleasant TSX when equipped with a manual transmission.

The Vigor is a vehicle that represents a much different era for Acura. Also, it’s probably not the best idea to stage the press shots for your innovative new car in front of some smoggy cityscape, but y’all do y’all. (Photo credit: Acura)

Nowadays, their lineup is incredibly disappointing and I have simply stopped caring about the brand. I forget Acura still makes some vehicles and I don’t tend to notice when some are replaced or refreshed. To put that into perspective: it was a solid six months after the TLX was released when I realized that A) the Acura TLX is car that exists, and B) the TLX replaces both the TL and TSX. Even the new NSX is uninspiring, which means Acura has done The Impossible by somehow making a supercar boring.

I kid, the NSX can’t be that boring, but it must be a bit of an ego-blow to Honda and their crack them of engineers to work on a project for over a decade, spending millions of dollars on research and development, for the general consensus of their nearly $200,000 creation to be, “meh.”

Now I turn this over to you, what car company do you not care about, or care about enough that you don’t notice new models being released or others getting the ax?

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