(just don’t look it in the face and you’ll be fine)

So I’ve been considering consolidating my Car+Truck into just Car, and the 911 Turbo has always been one of those cars I’d have loved to have had. (RIP english) The 996’s are down in the 40-50k range, and are still mostly low miles, but they are extremely expensive to maintain due to both the difficulty of doing anything engine/drivetrain related (You need to drop the engine to get to just about anything vital, and replacing the clutch is a 22 hour job) as well as the “Porsche Tax” that seems to make parts more expensive than their counterparts on other cars. It’s also been a pain in the ass to buy one, since they tend to sell almost as soon as they’re offered, and are mostly hundreds of miles from me. Also, it can be a pain to get a test drive in one, ESPECIALLY when you’re a youngish guy in a Ford hatchback (not that I really blame anyone), and I’m extremely reticent to buy a car I haven’t driven, or even make any promises.

The first thing that came up to mind is the E92 M3, which has reached a similar price point. You lose out on the (pseudo) AWD and some of the “Sports car” nature, but you do get a gloriously high-revving V8. One downside (for me) is I previously drove an e92 3-series, and even with it being the M3, it might feel like a bit of a retread. Also, if the E46 is any indication, the E92 still has a long way to go in terms of depreciation, whereas the 996tt has bottomed out/is coming back up depending on who you ask. But hey, there’s a nice looking 2011 45 miles from my house. Also, 8400 RPM V8.


(Why not consider the E46, you ask? Mostly because my standard “Within 500 miles” autotrader search returned -8-, two of which were actually convertibles, and 2 more of which were actually SMG.)


Then there’s also the option of waiting and getting the Focus RS which, while an awesome car as far as we can tell so far, is still a Focus, and you may have picked up from the M3 example that I like things that are different from what I’ve had before. I feel like going from FoST directly to FoRS might feel a bit... samey.


Of course, fourth option is to sell my car, truck, motorcycle, and dignity and eagerly wait for the “Alpha Romero Julia Portfolio” as a friend called it.

But! I’m curious what else is out there that is plausible as a daily driver at the 40-50k mark, and as a secondary/project car around the 20k range (going to Car+Car). And while I know what the answer always is, certain unnamed roadsters are out of the running because I don’t fit in them. I’m too tall to see through the windshield, but not tall enough to see over it.