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What can you do in 10 seconds or less?

So I got bored on the road trip and figured I would try to see what, exactly, the car is capable of (on a closed course, obviously).

I took some GoPro videos, but the settings were wrong and it was dark out. So I basically took some GoPro audio. Which is still cool, I guess?

Anyway, here's the relevant statistics:

  • 0-100 in about 10 seconds
  • 30-110 in about 10 seconds (3rd gear start)
  • 20-110 in about 10 seconds (2nd gear start)
  • 80-140 in about 10 seconds (3rd gear start)

And, just for the shits and giggles of it, I did a 0-60 run with shifts at 2,500 RPM (maybe 1/3 throttle?). The result? 8.4 seconds.

Fuckin' torque, man.

Fuckin' torque.


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