The Thanksgiving is over, hope you all spent quality time with your loved ones, hope you've been thankful for a lot of good things, but now it's time to get back to business and address the real issues. What is the worst car on the market today ?

I'll jump first : The dreadful F30 BMW 328i xDrive.

The 328i xDrive is the worst 3 series ever made. Like the people that are leasing them, this version of the F30 is flavorless and annoying.

It doesn't have a manual transmission, it doesn't have rear wheel drive, it doesn't have a proper hydraulic steering and most of them are upholstered with faux-leather! But the leasers don't care, in their minds, 328 is better than 320, and xDrive is an extra badge, and 2 exhaust tips are better than one.


The 328i xDrive is the 3 series for pretentious and inept drivers that can't shift by themselves or handle over-steer. The BMW 328i xDrive is just as easy to drive as it is easy to lease. I'm not thankful for that car.