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What Car Can I Buy That I Wont Kill The Value Of?

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Currently stuck between the thought of buying a new car with a warranty (MX5) or buying another beater/cheap car that I know I can just write off completely when I’m done with it.


I am discovering that I am the worst kind of previous owner. My first 3 cars were beaters that I literally drove into the ground. The Crossfire goes as follows:

Engine pre-heater unplugged instead of replaced / stereo wiring wrong has no permanent power (read no memory) / seats only have power when the door is open and before the engine is turned on (butt warmers always work though) / radiator fan hasnt worked in a long time even though I’ve replaced the control module and fan / and now the parking brake is being removed because its bent and is rubbing against the rotor.


So yea, what say you Oppo? Spend $5k on a car I wouldn’t mind going to the dumpster in a year or two or new Miata because warranty and it wont be my problem? I’m kind of writing the S2k off my list for fear that I’ll treat it the same way.

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