What car company has the most disappointing lineup right now?

For me, it’s Nissan. Chrysler (actual Chrysler) probably has a worse lineup overall, but I’m not disappointed in them because Chrysler has never had a decent lineup.

The Juke is cool, but needs a refresh. The Maxima and Murano are probably fine, but everything else is ancient junk. It hurts to call the 370Z junk, but that car in no way competes with a Mustang anymore.

Here are my requests from Nissan:

  • Sub-$40k 2-door hyper attention-grabbing electric car with updated Leaf drive-train
  • Nissan 250Z, a BR-Z competitor with a high-revving 2.5L and an optional turbo. 2-doors, 2 seats, RWD, LSD standard, and for the love of god make it light weight.
  • Share the 2.5L engine options with the refreshed Juke which will obviously be aimed at the WRX/FoST/GTI, but AWD standard and way the hell weirder.
  • Some crossover that makes money, I guess 

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