What car company have you recently changed your views on?

There are quite a lot of car companies out there in the market. Everybody has their own personal preference as to which companies they like the most. However, opinions and attitudes change over time. When it comes to car companies this can be because you have changed personally, the car company has either changed direction or not putting out the cars with the same vision as they used to, or you have had a bad/good experience with that particular company.

For me personally, I recently have changed my view on the Chrysler group (chrysler,dodge, jeep, ram, srt). I used to think that they were the worst company that produced cars. That the only people who bought them was because they were cheap and they didn't know what else was on the market. This stemmed from the cheap, plasticky looking cars such as the caliber and the liberty. Now, however, they have changed and are producing competitive products with quality interiors and trying to stay ahead of the competition. Working at Chrysler dealerships, I had the chance to experience the products first hand that were developed with "Fiat Money".


For better or worse, which companies have you changed your opinion on recently?

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