When I was getting my first car, I was actually given a couple of options from family:

My Dad's BMW 2004 Z4 (exactly as pictured) . He was moving to Saskatchewan so he wanted a truck, he was offering to give me this at no cost. I was super excited, but there where a few problems, the insurance for a BMW Z4 would be outrageous, especially for a new male driver, and it was manual. Among other things, it was completely impractical for Winter.

My Dad's Winter beater was my second option, a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder. It came with extras, like a stereo system (It's like Xzibit did the speaker system, the trunk has those huge speakers and subwoofers and stuff.), blacked out rims (stock nissan ones but blacked out), and tinted windows. The car had transmission issues, it was a manual too (my dad only drives manual), and rust problems. The weight from the speakers actually caused problems in the rear suspension but my dad fixed it. I couldn't get it because my mom thought it was completely unsafe and a overall shitbox.


My third option was my Grandmother's 2012 Mazda 3 Sedan. Automatic. Red, as pictured. My Grandma was originally going to get the Camry Hybrid and I would've gotten this (my grandpa wants to sell the Mazda 3 now and give her the Camry, and then buy me a *cringe* Micra with the money. ). The Mazda 3 wasn't paid off at the time so I ended up getting the Camry. Here I am now.

Money I saved to buy a car just went to College in the end.

What cars did you guys almost get for free, or get for a good deal out of but ended up getting something else?