You know how sometimes when you see bad drivers they sometimes tend to be driving the same make and model of car? I.e, not all Lexus RX300 owners are bad drivers, but a lot of bad drivers own RX300's.

What if the opposite is true? Is there a make and model of car that is consistently being driven by good drivers? I.e. You rarely see this car camping out in the left lane, it's rarely taking up two parking spaces, and they're always courteous to other motorists.

I nominate the Subaru Outback Sport. In general I think Subaru drivers are more competent than the average driver on California roads, even the STi fanboys with loud exhausts. Not saying all good drivers own outback sports, but a lot of outback sports are owned by good drivers.

If somebody wants to get super technical, comment with data from an insurance company relating to vehicles with the least amount of insurance claims.


Bonus video, an RX 300 being driven stereotypically: