What car do you want back?

Most of us have probably sold a car that we later regret parting with, due to family, finances, or other factors. There are 2 cars I would pay serious money to have back.

One would be my 1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo. My first and only car I ever purchased new, custom ordered in the color combo and options I wanted (which was pretty much ALL of the options). My dream car.


Being a car nut all my life, I finally had “drivers” car. Loved every minute I spent behind the wheel. Fun, fast, and unique (not many on the road in my area).

But the car I would ‘pay way too much to have back’ is my very first car. (I’m certain it was crushed/scrapped many, many years ago, but one can dream).

A base model 1982 Pontiac J2000. 4 speed stick, manual everything. The only option it has was air conditioning, which had to be turned off to pass or when trying to get up to speed on a highway on-ramp. (power provided by the Pontiac 1.8 liter boat anchor) Gloriously maroon inside and out. I mean ALL over. Dash, seats, carpet, steering wheel.....everywhere maroon.

This is the car where I learned to drive a stick, and learned to wrench on. I taught myself to do brakes, replace alternators, bondo, paint, jury-rig, patch, jumpstart, detail, install stereos and speakers, adjust a carburetor and unhook a bra with one hand in this car. Lots of firsts in this early 80's GM econobox.


Found this picture on-line, looks just like mine did. Same wheels even. (though mine lacked the fancy schmancy locking gas cap and the coveted LE badge)


Notice the J2000 name, a 1 year only moniker as it was re-branded as the Sunbird in 1983. Comparing it to many others car both then and now, it was admittedly a complete piece of crap. But it was MY piece of crap. Damn I miss her.

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