The NFL season is underway. It is the best time of year for two reasons: every player has a chance at eternal glory in the form of a Super Bowl victory and, for the rest of us, being drunk on Sunday is completely encouraged. As a gearhead, I will admit that many of my greasy-fingered friends do not follow football with all the passion of a Texas high school like I do. And as part jock, I’m ashamed when my peers think of a car enthusiast as simply “Oh, like NASCAR?”. I started writing these posts to bridge the gap and draw comparisons between the two groups. By taking feats of automotive engineering and personifying them as amazing athletic ability, the end goal is to educate and entertain. The posts are divided into the 8 separate NFL Divisions, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed researching and putting them together.

Special thanks to user sebdel-PostingFromQuito for supplying the artwork at the top of this post.

AFC East:

AFC West:


AFC North:

AFC South:


NFC East:

NFC West:


NFC North:

NFC South: