What car is that NFL player? NFC West edition

(I love cars. I love NFL football. Let’s combine the two and compare some star players to automobiles. In this post: teams of the NFC West)

Arizona Cardinals

  • Larry Fitzgerald, WR: Ford F-150

Why? He’s been around forever. He always seems to surprise and has gotten better with time. He’s dependable. But the main reason that Larry Fitzgerald is an F-150 is brand loyalty. Larry has played for the Cardinals ever since they drafted him in 2004. Not many players in today’s league, especially star wide recievers, can say that. The F-150 leads all vehicles in customer brand loyalty, which in 2012 was a staggering 61% according to Automotive Digest. Fitzgerald comes into the 2015 season as the Cardinals all-time leader in receptions (909), receiving yards (12,151) and receiving touchdowns (89). (Photo credits: Huffington Post, Road & Track)

  • Carson Warner...I mean Kurt Palmer...you know what I mean, QB: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Why? Carson Palmer (actually similar to Kurt Warner’s story) made an incredible comeback with the Cardinals in 2013 after a couple abysmal seasons with the Raiders. The 4th generation Camaro was killed off in 2002, only to be revived in stunning new 5th gen form for the 2010 model year. He hopes to make another comeback this year, as he comes off a knee injury that cut his strong 2014 campaign short. (Photo credits: Cardinals, Car and Driver)


St. Louis Rams

  • Tavon Austin, WR: Chevrolet SS

Why? Since coming into the NFL, Austin has been regarded as one of the most dynamic young players — and also the most underutilized. The Rams just haven’t found a way to make him a large part of their offense. The Chevy SS gets all the praise from enthusiasts as a usable sports car with rear wheel drive...but nobody actually listens. The SS hasn’t sold well, and GM announced that the Australian Holden Commodore, from which the SS is based, will be discontinued in 2017. (Photo credits: Rotoprofessor, Car and Driver)

  • Todd Gurley, RB: 2017 Ford Bronco

Why? Gurley is supposed to be a beast. He’s poised to be the next great NFL running back. Everyone in St. Louis is excited, just as everyone in the car world is excited about a new Bronco finally coming out. But, because I’ve been burned before, I won’t believe there is a new Bronco until I actually see it. The same goes for Gurley. (Photo credits: Bleacher Report, Gearheads.org)


Seattle Seahawks

  • Pete Carroll, Head Coach: Lee Iacocca

Why? Okay, so Lee Iacocca isn’t a car. But Pete Carroll isn’t a player, either. Carroll came in and saved this franchise starting in 2010 and quickly revived it to being a perennial powerhouse, much like how Iacocca saved Chrysler during the late 1970’s and into the early 1990’s. (Photo credits: USA Today, Huffington Post)

  • Marshawn Lynch, RB: Dodge Challenger

Why? An old-school bruiser of a back, Lynch has a “run over you, not around you” mentality. That’s exactly what a snarling Hemi has. Give Lynch some magic Skittles and he turns into Beast Mode, which can be likened to the Hellcat package. (Photo credits: CharlotteFive, Road & Track)


San Francisco 49ers

  • Colin Kaepernick, QB: Nissan 240sx Drift Car

Why? Things these two have in common: mind bending agility, awesome athleticism and performance, a little rough around the edges, tattoos (stickers), and a problem with authority. Unfortunately, as ‘Niner fans are finding out, it’s not very fun living with a purpose-built drift car on a day-to-day basis. (Photo credits: ESPN, Motor Mavens)

  • Carlos Hyde, RB: Mazda RX-8

Why? The RX-8 is actually a very good car, but it fought some harsh criticism because it followed up the legendary RX-7. Hyde faces a similar situation; he has plenty of talent, but he is following in the footsteps of 5-time Pro Bowler Frank Gore, who holds franchise records in rushing yards (11,073) and touchdowns (64). (Photo credits: Getty Images, Car and Driver)

  • BONUS The rest of the 49ers team: the abandoned British factories that Top Gear visited. “Where did everybody go?”

(Photo credit: Top Gear Season 15 Episode 6)

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