Bucket list car = a car you MUST drive while you’re still on this Earth because it’s so good.

In other words, every now and then, car magazines/websites will come out with “Ultimate Bucket List cars” and “100 cars you must drive before you die,” etc, which often contain the all-time greats for driving thrills, from across all time periods.

What cars from today do you think will stand the test of time? (Remember, looks and pricing don’t come into play here at all; it’s all about the driving experience. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fast; keep in mind the Lancia Delta Integrale often features on these lists, and it’s a ~23 year old hatchback.)

So obviously the P1, LaFerrari, 918…

Probably the 458 Speciale because it sounds like it’ll be the last NA V8 Ferrari…


Current-gen 911 GT3, right?

Now what about the GTR? A lot of magazines I’ve read give it a perfect score, but that was back when it first came out, and now I hear more people complaining about its size and weight then back then…is it a good driver’s car or not?


What about the Audi R8? The reviews for the Huracan seemed underwhelming, so is this better? Is it good enough to stand above all the 911 variants in 10 years or so?

I kind of feel like the BRZ or maybe the new Miata will be remembered, what with their back-to-basics attitude in a time of so much technology. They’ve received good reviews as well.


Aston Martin? The V12 S Vantage seemed to be well-received…but if I recall correctly, the V8 Vantage was considered inferior to just about all its rivals in terms of the driving experience, and some even complained about the DB9 feeling too heavy and dated.

Wildcard: Do you think time will be cruel or kind to the Alfa 4c? (Everything I’ve read suggests that it’s OK…but the Cayman is way better). What about the BMW i8? Glowing reviews everywhere but I think the new GTR/NSX/Supra will blow it out of the water, especially if $ were to be factored in.


What about things that aren’t cars or sporty? Do SUVs or Bentleys/Rolls-Royce type things ever figure into these kinds of list? I can’t remember off the top of my head.

What are your thoughts Oppo?