Humor me. I am bored to death. Assume I will have max 2 kids by then (0 now) So a good new or used vehicle under $35K in 2022.

Car preferred, or Wagon. I can’t think of any Crossover I’ve liked driving but then again I haven’t driven the ones from Porsche...

Should have good handling and performance. RWD >RWD based AWD> FWD based torque vectoring AWD a la SH-AWD/Quattro. 300+HP or 250+HP if torque is very good, Turbo 4, V6, V8 all Ok, Must be fairly reliable so don’t suggest an Alfa/Maserati. Luxury or Premium marques preferred. I like good steering, comfortable yet bolstered heated/ventilated seats and rear passenger space, decent trunk, don’t care about the infotainment too much.

Mostly suburban driving, 10% highway so 0-45, 30-50, passing times more important than top end but I never say no to more POWAA

Imagine a car that doesn’t exist today but might come into the market 2 years from now and available as a CPO 3 years after.


Imagine how much more gas prices might have gone up by 2022?

Imagine a performance version of a regular car available today

Update: Thoight of some options Genesis G70? G80? A Q70? Lexus Gs? E550? 550i/540i? Stinger? Acura TLx RLx Type-S? AudiA6? V60? V90?


What should it be?

My Ultimate family wagon RS6 for your time