What car should I buy? Weird stuff I like edition

Hey oppo, thinking about what I should save for next.

Backstory- the trans am needs like 20k worth of restoration dough, IF i can even manage to put it back together I would like to split my emotional investment if I could - something else to cry over. Obviously, while I have my “emergency money” taken care of I basically would need to start saving from scratch. This will take me awhile.

Kinda narrowed it down:

12k or less


Stupid/ridiculous (no miatas, seriously)

Decent shape/low-ish miles

Here are my top pics

90s LT1 trans am


Pros: availability,t-tops ,parts , within my self-inflicted stereotype, reliability

Cons: least interesting of my favorites, the lt1 engine, interior

2: Military surplus humvee

Pros: true 4 seater drop top, parts availability, high eccentricity/stupidity coefficient, potential for upgrades, useful truck bed/towing capacity, resale/long term collectability potential, very different from current vehicles, potential to sneak through military checkpoints in SHTF?

Cons: will need work and upgrades, registration (especially if I need to move out of state in this particularly volatile time in my life), SLOW, difficult to tow home, insurance? maybe?, gas mileage


can always swap a duramax in these. DIY kits are made.

3. TVR Tasmin 280i


Pros: Cool factor, 8os factor, TVR factor, depreciation factor

Cons: Parts, slow, difficulty in upgrading (ecoboost v6 swap?!) old british-ness (although I don’t know if its as big a problem on these)

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