I may change jobs in the near future, it would represent being on the road nearly all day necessitating a change in my primary transport. I genuinely want some input from Oppo on suggested cars. I have laid out my reasons for changing and my criteria.

I am not all knowing of cars out there on the market, so please feel free to make suggestions.

The driving role: I will need something ideal for highway, country and city driving. Both night and day and in all weather. Likely an automatic sadly, but a manual would be OK.


This car would be, sadly a replacement for the ST. I 100% guarantee I would cry letting it go, but the Recaro seats, suspension, limited cargo, height, exhaust and 94 octane gas all make it bad for what I need. I will really miss having a performance car, and worry that I won’t have another for a long time.

I will likely try to drive the ST for a while in the new position and who knows, maybe it will be OK. I’m betting it won’t be though.

Perhaps, in the next 5 years, I can get an NA miata as my fun driver. It really comes down to storage.



1) MSRP should be around $30K Canadian, the lower the better.

2) New would be good, I just want to mile something out with as much warranty coverage as I can. I’d consider a year or two old too.


3) Gas milage should be good, but it doesn’t have to be amazing. Around 30 mpg neighborhood highway.

4) Comfortable/nice to spend time in.

5) Android Auto

6) AWD is a plus, I need to be able to go into construction site like terrain and drive in light to medium snow.  All weather types at all times of day.


7) Cargo room for boots, PPE (safety equipment), cameras/digital equipment and maybe some other things. Nothing major, but more than the ST can comfortably carry in the small trunk space.

8) Has to fit in my carport. See below for how big the Fiesta looks already in that space. It is a shared driveway/carport. I only get the lefthand side.


9) Please no “you could buy a 1995 3 series for $5"

Not a lot of room


My Current Ideas:

My two main schools of thought are either focusing more on AWD utilitarian or FWD cheap ass transport. The more money I save, the more in my pocket.


I do get gas cards for my work driving (distance based), but the more fuel efficient, the more I can use those towards just general gas for my wife and I.



Pros: AWD, price, available with a manual and good cargo space. Also, orange!
Cons: Subaru (preference), crossover, sister in law just bought one.

Hyundai Ioniq


Pros: Cheap, fuel efficient, warranty
Cons: Small, cheap, hybrid shitbox.